Durable, more suitable

A7 touch screen receivers
European standard wall back box
Wide voltage
Imported components

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  • A7 Single channel 110-240 white Receiver

A7 Single channel 110-240 white Receiver

7 :Represent Represent outward appearance

A : Represent control system

white:Refer tocolor

Single channel: Represent the number that receiver can independently control

110-240:Refer toinput voltage、output voltage

Model Size



Feature function

Flat plate panel,glossy surface, extreme hardness

Popular touch screen design

high sensitive , strong an-ti-interference

center frequencystable,easy setment

inching and continuous seperate control,easy operation

Optional for European standard wall back box

all imported components and material

up, down , stop , inching and continuous move change function

Product parameter

input voltage110V-240V

output voltage110V-240V

power 400W

Working temperature-20℃~+60℃